Monday, June 16, 2014

If you are ever around
or near Forked River, N.J.
You must see
They save the animals here...

Peacocks run loose....
Look at that tail!
My PERFECT Albino Peacock.
Look at how close I got!

A few more cuties....
And a cutie cousin was found here too....

Some of their stories might make you cry.
But they are much happier here!
My cutie cousin came with his parents too!
I thought his parents were cool!
There are cats and dogs
that you can adopt here too.
I'll be back here again...for sure!

You never know
where the best place to take
a picture could be.
I found this in New Jersey.

It's good to do a
size comparison once in awhile.

Taking time in the kitchen...
I've been told I should become a cook.
And now I make the best home-made pizza around!

It wasn't easy.... but I did it!
Not far from my home
with a quick drive by....
Look and see what caught my eye!
Who keeps a camel in their backyard?
I know I would like to.
There were more animals too.
Two Longhorns (They were HUGE!)
Miniature Horses
One day, I want to have own a zoo!


The latest film my friend and I did....

Clay Animation Stop-Motion Film
This was a lot of fun!
More to come soon...