Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Watching the Flag Day Ceremony

Then taking a Paranormal Class
at the college was great this summer.

HA HA HA!!! Go away Mom!
Spending time with family...

and running into more dinosaurs...

Watching extended family perform at the Renaissance Festival...

I can't believe he did that!

There was a great traveling gem and fossil show.

Then I was able to meet
the woman that started the 
in Asbury Park, NJ.

She was at a Paranormal Convention that I went to.

Then I met up with my friend at the
Grounds for Sculpture.

Bigger is definitely BETTER!

And then there was the
I have to go back here again!


My hometown 

Then we had a sinkhole in my hometown.
News 12 covered the issue with me!  

And then...
There was the circus for my
cousins birthday.
They plan on doing away with the elephants in their show.

This brings me to the end of March.

Here's what I did shortly after....

This was AWESOME...

Here's me in my new sweater...

Just a fun picture to have.

Then a bunch of my homeschooling
friends met at the 
for a tour of their kitchen and some lunch.

We even did the line dance!

Having a BLAST!

It's summer time now...
Updating my blog on what I did again.
I'm keeping very busy for sure!

In January ~~ Eastern State Penn.

Then I had to prepare my 
Dinosaur Presentation
for the Rutgers Geology Museum.

I made a lot of new friends....