Friday, May 2, 2014

Junior CSI Forensics Class
has now come to an end...
Look and see what I have learned.

Todays final lesson,

We studied a REAL case
on Lake Murray, SC.

I think he came out GREAT!

This class had a lot of
fun things to learn,
just take a peek at the list:

Protecting a Crime Scene (5 steps)
Handwriting Analysis
Identifying a Criminal
Blood Splatter
Bite Mark Analysis
Hair Analysis
Ink Chromatography
Searching through Evidence
The importance of good notes for court
Test Your Memory
Piecing together Evidence
Psychology Experiment (Lie detector)
Examining a Body
Forensic Entomology
Collecting Evidence
History of Bertillon Method

We also had a field trip to the SC Forensics Lab.
I was able to see all their equipment used,
and the new machine that will get DNA results in 24 hrs.

(I believe this machine was designed
by a man that lives right here in SC.)

My favorite class was Forensic Entomology!
The BLOWFLIES were cool!

My friend in the class played "Mr. Body"!

I enjoy watching crime shows....
And I can really follow along with what they are doing.
Because I did it too!

Our CSI kits are AWESOME!
There's so much more to learn,
and I can keep adding to my kit.

Thank You
School of the Minds



  1. Sounds as if you're learning a lot and having a great time too! That's really wonderful!

  2. Thanks Aunt Arlene! I loved doing this...