Saturday, July 12, 2014

Monmouth County
Battlefield Reenactment
Now this was an AWESOME time!

I loved reading about the history on this.
Here's what was going on in the camps before
the battle started.


Now for some ACTION!

At first, the cannons didn't bother me.
But after awhile.... the constant beating
and noise did give me a headache.
I only wish I saw some more
special effects... like BLOOD and DEATH.
I will have to make a movie with just that.
Even some audience members were dressed up for this.

Here was the story about
She was a great story teller.

Before everything started...
I got to spend time with some actors.

Here I am enjoying the show
with my cousin.

I know one day...
he's going to be a blogger too.
The End
(Ha Ha Ha!)

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