Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Dye Mansion
I studied a bit about the
Revolutionary War,
so I took a trip to this wonderful
house that George Washington
used during that time.

My Aunt had told me all
about this wonderful place.
Everyone has to go!
Look at some cool things that are inside.

Here are some outside pictures to see.

The Dye Family graveyard
is located here also.

There are also
sightings here!
Be sure to ask about that when you're here.

This is a portrait of a girl that was
6 years old.  This is actually her DEATH portrait.
The artist used symbolism in the painting.
(Such as pulling on flowers to show she
died too young.) 
But she doesn't look 6 years old in this.
Here is the writing behind the portrait.
I forgot what language it is in.

The portrait is suppose to show a
skeleton at a certain angle.
Do you see it here?

The Dye Mansion
was a very spooky place.

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