Friday, July 26, 2013


I got a chance to help create and perform in a play.
I played two roles.
My favorite dinosaur Screech, the friendly Dilophosaurus,
and Professor Boo-Eye from a Wizards Academy.

Here are some pictures from my dress rehearsal...

Here I am, Screech hiding behind a rock.

Going through my lines...

A quick side smile for the camera...

I take my dinosaurs very seriously.

I was so friendly, I helped kids time travel out of the prehistoric period.

Here I am, Professor Boo-Eye of the Wizards Academy.
I blew up the science room, and came out looking like a wreck.
(That was a hit!)

This entry was typed by my mother, but approved by me.


This was the best EVER!
         Now I want to start creating more plays with my friends.                      

Professor Boo-Eye Upclose!

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