Friday, July 5, 2013

More Cryptids...

Do you believe in the

Point Pleasant, West Virginia
has a statue I'd like to see...

But here's my drawing to share with you...

Have you spotted him?

The Tale of the Mothman

The first sighting of mothman...
A married couple was driving in West Virginia.
And saw a moth/man swoop down and flying
over their car at 100mph.

Then a bunch of people in a town
called Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia saw him.
When mothman was there, everything that
was electrical stopped working.

A bridge also collapsed during rush hour
where the mothman was also seen there.
A bunch of people drowned during this moment.
After this, mothman was never seen again.

But!  There was a couple of sightings in
Mexico, Michigan, and Washington.

And who knows when he'll come to us!!

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