Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I don't know what these two species are...
but they look pretty cool!

I saw them when I was out for a walk.

I named this one SPIKE.
And he's working hard to fix his web now.
This neat pattern in his web, may mean he's not poisonous.

This is before his hard work.

I named this one TARANTULA.
He may be a venomous spider.
Maybe the zig-zag pattern in his web means he's venomous....

These are my cool new nature find friends,
that I hope NOT to see around my house.

Last night I researched and found out
what type of spiders these two are.

Spike is a Crab Spider.
Tarantula is a Black and Yellow Garden Spider.

And Tarantula is a boy, they're the ones
that make the zig-zag patterns.

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