Saturday, August 17, 2013

Monroe, NJ

There's a neat place that some people may not know about...
My mother said she's been here before.

But we recently learned the story behind...
The Stone Museum in Monroe, NJ
Home of the Greeks Playland

Come see what I found...

The story goes....
There was a baby that was once found in a coal bin long, long ago.
And was raised by a wonderful woman that took in foster children.
He loved her so...

He dedicated his whole life to people
and to children in need.
And dedicates this to his "Mom".

He is known as the "Greek".
And he does not believe in material things.
He gave everything he had and made into creating
the Greek's Playland.

He is very giving, and will not take donations.
And when you come to this museum....
You'll really love it like I did.

He loves children so much.
That he wants us all to enjoy life.

Look at some more stuff that's here...

This art has been all around the place.... and is now here.

Now see what's inside the building.

This man gave me a MAGIC rock...
He said it would let me stay up 10 minutes past
my bedtime...


Grammy says that this man was the "Greek".

There are a bunch of things hanging from the ceiling.

There is a room in the back.
With special UV lights and special rocks.
When the regular lights are on, the rocks look like this. 

But when you turn on the UV lights....

Look at how they GLOW.

There's more to see out back.

And there's soooo much more.
I wanted to stay here forever.

Yes, you can have weddings here!

There were alot of dragon flies here....
And the fish didn't jump in this water,
they danced on top.

And then I saw something....

The beginning of the PLAYLAND!!!

This place went on FOREVER!

With the world's largest metal clown.

There's this one party room....
It was so HUGE!
There was a stage, and a kitchen area.
And so much fun!
I want to have a party here....

I can't wait to come back here again.....
But everyone needs to help save this place!

See this video....

The museum was open when I was there....
but it still needs help.

I loved it there!

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